Agricultural woven bag
Your partner for animal nutrition packaging
Dapoly supports you in offering the right packaging for your product.
Whether we are talking about packaging solutions for dog or horse feed, there is always a consumer packaging or bulk packaging product for animal feed that meets your requirements.
We offer expert solutions for a broad range of packaging requests and can offer you tailor made packaging for your specific needs.
  • The importance of proper bulk packaging for the animal feed industry
  • Preservation of animal feed (nutritional) quality and safety
  • Proper containment of nutrition without risk of contamination
  • Protect against chemical and physical damage
  • Protect form, shape and texture of the animal feed inside
  • Regulate moisture content to keep animal feed fresh and to preserve the content as safely as possible
  • Packaging that helps you meet your sustainability goals
Our leading expertise in animal feed packaging
  • High level of confidence in your animal feed quality
  • Complies with quality requirements on the transportation and storage requirements of animal feed products
  • Own production facilities meet most stringent quality inspection
  • Produced according to highest production and testing standards
  • On-site technical evaluation: your wishes, our experience
  • Complete protection during transportation, storage and operations