Industrial woven bag
Our leading pacakging expertise in builder bags
  • Solid and effortless filling, discharging, storage and transportation
  • Minimised risk of human and environmental safety issues
  • Highest production and testing standards
  • High quality, suitable for heavy use
  • On-site technical evaluation: your wishes, our experience
The importance of proper bulk packaging for the chemical industry
  • Minimise hazardous risk during transporting, storing or unloading chemicals
  • Proper containment of chemicals’ purity
  • Chemically inert packaging to avoid contamination
  • Protect against chemical and physical damage
  • Regulate moisture content of the chemical composition to preserve it as safely as possible
  • Packaging that helps you meet your sustainability goals
Our leading expertise in chemicals packaging
  • High confidence in chemical safety
  • In compliance with legal requirements
  • Own production facilities meet most stringent safety inspection
  • Excellent technology minimises risk of electrostatic discharge hazards
  • High production and testing standards
  • On-site technical evaluation: your wishes, our experience
  • Complete protection during transportation, storage and operations