Our packaging globally used in the construction industry
With PP big bags from Dapoly, the transportation and movement of sand, gravel mortar, cement and stones becomes effortless, PP ton bag can loading 500kgs, 1000kgs to 6000kgs. It also makes the transportation of construction materials less expensive. We have big bags for single or multi trip use.Nozzles,loops and tunnels for the forklift truck increase the ease of use. In addition, you can choose or apply materials, logos and brands to your specifications.
The importance of strong big bags for the construction industry
  • High level of efficiency during transporting, filling or unloading
  • Builder materials such as sand, gravel, mortar and wood
  • Minimise risk of human and environmental safety issues
  • Ensure compliance with all required legal regulations
  • Ensured protection against hazardous waste Packaging that helps you meet your sustainability goals
Our leading pacakging expertise in builder bags
  • Solid and effortless filling, discharging, storage and transportation
  • Minimised risk of human and environmental safety issues
  • Highest production and testing standards
  • High quality, suitable for heavy use
  • On-site technical evaluation: your wishes, our experience